A few years ago, Otro Elements began offering expeditions for mixed gender groups, next to their initial ‘Men Only’ expeditions. This much needed alternation was made after many messages of women that assured us that it’s not only men who like to go ‘Back-to-Basics’, chop wood and make fire.


  • 5 days

  • 8 - 15 participants

  • Get inspired by the 5 elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Space

  • Digital detox

  • Reflect & connect

  • Chop wood, make fire

  • Delicious local food

  • Sleep under a starry night sky

  • Traditional Sweatlodge Ceremony

  • Get rough & get rest

  • No expectations, no obligations 


Our home for the week is a forgotten valley at the roughest edges of the Italian Alps, overlooking the Monte Rosa Massif. This is where time stood still. With all modern luxuries and civilization being miles away, this is the perfect backdrop for our 5 day expedition.  



For all up-to-dated dates check our [ agenda ]... 



The cost for this unforgettable experience is € 1.195,- p.p. (ex. VAT). This includes all overnight stays, all meals, as well as professional support from our mountain guides and facilitators. This excludes your flight to and from Milan Malpensa Airport. A transfer to the venue is taken care of. 

‘Back-to-Nature’ without phones and laptops; ‘What a blessing! Simply focussing on basic needs for a while, such as as making fire or preparing local food, is something everyone should try’. - Lotte


Are you interested? Are you ready to apply (for example with your boy- or girlfriend) for the mixed expedition? Please click the following [ link ]. After your official application we will provide you with all practical information you need, such as location specifics, flight details, payment information, terms and conditions, as well as a kit-list. 

Any other questions? Please get in touch! E-mail to: info@otro-elements.it.

Mixed expeditions